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From The MEAT SHOP Desk:

December is the one month a year that I consistently wake up early every single day. Why, might you ask? No, I am not getting in my early morning jog or just so excited for my day. December is Elf on the Shelf time, and I have two snoopy boys, so I can't just move the silly thing before bed. But every morning when they wake up and we go on our Elf Scavenger Hunt, the joy on their sweet faces is totally worth the early mornings trying to figure out a new position for Alfie the Elf!

You may be too old for Elf on the Shelf, but...I hope your week is full of as much happiness and joy as two 4 year olds who just found their Elf drinking coffee!

December Monthly Sale

▪ Top Sirloin Steak.............................$9.99/lb

▪ Grass-Fed Ground Beef.....................$5.99/lb

▪ Grass-Fed Beef Fat(Exc. Suet)............$0.30/lb

Buy a Beef Box ($160) and receive 2 packages of Steak Burgers FREE

Weekly Sale for 12-5 thru 12-11

▪ Bone In Pork Sirloin Chops: $1.99/lb

▪ Bone In Pork Rib Chops: $4.99/lb

▪ Boneless Pork Rib Chops: $4.99/lb

▪ Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs: $4.25/lb

▪ Sirloin Bacon: $6.50/lb

▪ Grass-Fed Knuckle and Neck Bones: $1.50/lb

▪ Beef Chorizo: Buy 1 Package, Get 1 Package FREE!*

*Of Equal or Lesser Value

Perfect Thick Cut Pork Chops

* 4 thick cut pork chops
* olive oil
* salt
* pepper

1. Rub about a tablespoon of olive oil over each of your pork chops. Season all sides generously with salt. Pork needs a heavy amount of salt to bring out the flavor. Salt with a heavy hand when it comes to a thick pork chop. Season lightly with freshly ground pepper as well.
2. Heat an oven-safe heavy skillet over high heat. Preheat an oven to 400 degrees.
3. Sear the pork chops for 2 minutes on each side.
4. Transfer skillet immediately to the oven and cook until the internal temperature of the chop reaches 145 degrees, about 15 minutes.
5. Let rest 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

Easy Beef Shepherd's Pie


For Potatoes:

▪ 1 1/2 lb. potatoes, peeled
▪ Kosher salt
▪ 4 tbsp. melted butter
▪ 1/4 c. milk
▪ 1/4 c. sour cream
▪ Freshly ground black pepper

For Beef Mixture:

▪ 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
▪ 1 large onion, chopped
▪ 2 carrots, peeled and chopped
▪ 2 cloves garlic, minced
▪ 1 tsp. fresh thyme
▪ 1 1/2 lb. ground beef
▪ 1 c. frozen peas
▪ 1 c. frozen corn
▪ 2 tbsp. all-purpose flour
▪ 2/3 c. low-sodium chicken broth
▪ 1 tbsp. freshly chopped parsley, for garnish


1. Preheat oven to 400°. Make mashed potatoes: In a large pot, cover potatoes with water and add a generous pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and cook until totally soft, 16 to 18 minutes. Drain and return to pot.

2. Use a potato masher to mash potatoes until smooth. Add melted butter, milk, and sour cream. Mash together until fully incorporated, then season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

3. Make beef mixture: In a large, ovenproof skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Add onion, carrots, garlic, and thyme and cook until fragrant and softened, 5 minutes. Add ground beef and cook until no longer pink, 5 minutes more. Drain fat.

4. Stir in frozen peas and corn and cook until warmed through, 3 minutes more. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Sprinkle meat with flour and stir to evenly distribute. Cook 1 minute more and add chicken broth. Bring to a simmer and let mixture thicken slightly, 5 minutes.

6. Top beef mixture with an even layer of mashed potatoes and bake until there is very little liquid visible and mashed potatoes are golden, about 20 minutes. Broil if desired.

7. Garnish with parsley before serving.