All Natural pork means the pigs are raised in a clean, healthy environment and always treated humanely without the  use of hormones or antibiotics to accelerate growth. All of our pork comes straight off our farm in Palo Verde, Arizona. It is then processed in our slaughterhouse located in Buckeye, Arizona. The beef is 100% grass fed from the open range. All from Ranchers located here in Arizona! Free Range chicken are allowed freedom to forage for food and never put into small cages. We partner with Ridgeview Farms to bring you high quality chicken from Paulden, AZ.  Lamb and goat come in from small local Arizona farms using pasture for feeding.   It's all so good. You can taste the difference! 

​​Purchase Locally!

We want you to have the freshest and the best! That means purchasing locally. We are pig farmers producing a quality product and we have found a select few other Arizona Farmers and Rancher who work hard to do the same!

We guarantee The MEAT SHOP will always bring you Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Goat from local sources! When you purchase from us, you are supporting local farms and ranches!

All Natural, Free Range, and Grass Fed means each cut of meat is uniquely different from all the rest. 

Let us help you choose from the beauty of naturally grown inconsistency. 

Old Fashioned 
​Butcher Shop

Customized packages and meat cut to your specification, are all part of the way we do things! We bring you back in time to partner with skilled butchers to create a masterpiece for your menu. We highly encourage questions, as many people have never bought meat off the carcass! You are able to watch the whole process in store too. Since our products are All Natural, Free Range, Grass-Fed and Finished, it means every cut will look different depending on the animal. The experience at The MEAT SHOP should be an enjoyable one, and you should learn something new with each visit! We look forward to serving you!  


202 E. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix. AZ  85004